Very Soon, Ebb and Flow (2018)

12 Ft. Ladder

Ebb and Flow

O Bonde do Dom

No Guarantee

Life and Love


Mi Tierra

Tempo de Amor

Come Over

Waka Waka

Our Newest CD, Twist of Fate (2015)


Our Second CD, World Wide (2011)

There are twelve songs on World Wide, and here is what they are about!

  1. Elefantes (Lafourcade; sung in Spanish; bossanova) asks for the rhythm of the elephants and rhinoceroses to be shown to us in the clouds

  2. Saudade (Évoria; sung in Portuguese; morna) is a hard word to translate into English; it is used to describe an emotion that distills the sorrows of homesickness and longing for another place.

  3. Cry Me a River (sung exquisitely in English; blues) Catherine sure sounds like she’s been there as she snarls and slashes her way out of her ex’s heart, with gleaming sweetness and dripping honesty.

  4. Maniaia (LeBlanc; sung in English and Maori; soukous) is a Maori god with the head of a bird, the body of a sumo wrestler, and the tail of a fish.

  5. Scandolo (sung in French and Spanish; cha cha) is the old joke but it’s always funny.  A young man goes to his father and excitedly tells him “Papa, I’ve found the most beautiful girl!” to which his father relplies, “Na-nah, son, she’s your sister but your mama doesn’t know.”  This one ends with his mama laughing,“Don’t worry about it! your daddy’s not your daddy, but your daddy doesn’t know!” ... so we sing in two languages and two genders and try not to crack up.

  6. Labios de Cetim (sung in Portuguese) means “Lips of Satin”.  It’s a tender ballad to the one he loves and misses.

  7. Goza (sung in Spanish) exhorts us to Enjoy in hot salsa fashion, with a snappy dance beat that keeps you off-guard.

  8. Paula Ausente (sung in Spanish) is the tragic story of Isabel Allende’s daughter Paula and her ascent (to heaven).  This song has about as complicated a chord progression as they get, but the song ascends triumphantly because of it.  It is also innovative in its use of stealth bass solos.

  9. Eilean mo Gradh (LeBlanc; sung in English and Gaelic, jig) is a prayer of appreciation of our Earth, island my love, to anyone who would like to listen.  It’s loving, honest and astronomically correct.

  10. La Vie en Rose (Piaf; sung in French; rêverie) doesn’t translate to English directly, it means Life in Rose or Life through Rose-coloured glasses; inaccurate vs. clumsy, take your pick.  French is the ideal language for this song which celebrates the singer’s unwavering trust and happiness in her partner.

  11. Maria Lando (Lando/Grandi; sung in Spanish; flamenco) came to us from Peru, where Susana Baca sings it so well.  Maria works, and when she’s done working, she sleeps.  The song ends with Carla doing all the work and Phil getting all the credit.

  12. Summertime (Gershwin/Heyward; sung in English; meréngue) is funnier when you make your Mama rich and your Daddy good-lookin’.  Our Summertime has less to do with catfish and more with racing across the swimming hole.

Our First CD, The Roulette of Romance (2009)

Released in 2009.  Personnel: Phil Summers, Acoustic Guitar; Catherine LeBlanc, Vocals; Ted Fontaine, Basses; Carla Campbell, Percussion.

  1. 1.  Mambo de la Luna, Kirsty MacColl

  2. 2. Fragilidad, Sting

  3. 3.  Hotel Buena Vista, Aquila Rose & Idana

  4. 4.  Don’t Know Why, Norah Jones

  5. 5. I Can See Clearly, Johnny Nash

  6. 6. Não Se Apavore, Luca Mundaca

  7. 7. My Lucky Star, Catherine LeBlanc

  8. 8. Moro Na Roça, Monica Salmaso

  9. 9. Dança de Solidão, Marisa Monte

  10. 10. C’est la Vie, Henri Dikongué

  11. 11. Walking on the Moon, The Police

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Our 3rd CD presents thirteen songs, including six originals from Yolo Mambo!

  1. Your LIfe (LeBlanc, Campbell; sung in English; soukous) Catherine and Carla wrote this high-energy call to the freedom of being yourself to the max.

  2. Feeling Good (Simone; sung in English; danzon)  Starting with Catherine’s Plains flute, we slowly bring this one to a boil.  Phil’s guitar powerfully mimics the salsa sound of a whole Cuban horn section.

  3. Caterpillar (LeBlanc; sung in English; bossa nova) in our live show, Phil introduces this song by saying “Metamorphosis” better than anyone on the planet, starting us out on the path that all our lives take.

  4. Waiting In Vain (Marley; sung in English; reggae) Bob Marley sang about love even more than about freedom, and really, what’s the difference?

  5. My Lucky Star (LeBlanc; sung in English; samba) This appeared on our first album (see below) in a radically different form.  In this version she still affirms her gratitude for the love of her life, but in the larger perspective of having lived it for many more years.

  6. La Chanson de Kirikou (N’Dour; sung in Senegalese French; ballad) A west African folk Legend, Kirikou came as a tiny baby to save the village from the evil witch Karaba, who broke the well and enslaved all the men.  You can hear the confrontation as Kirikou demands of the witch, “why”?  It turns out that she was in great pain, and cured of this pain by Kirikou, all is set right.

  7. Time (LeBlanc; sung in English; reggae) Carla and Catherine playfully trade off singing this delightful little riddle of a song.  Hint: the title is the answer!

  8. Working Mama (LeBlanc; sung in English; blues)  Over a demanding and insistent bass bounce, Catherine reveals the fantasies that keep her (and anyone who has NO time) going through the day.

  9. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps (Quizás, Quizás, Quizás; Farrés; sung in English and Spanish; cha cha) Doris Day made this famous.  Phil’s guitar shines in our version.

  10. River (Mitchell; sung in English; ballad) Joni Mitchell’s song about regret and how it becomes magnified when others are celebrating.

  11. Volare (Migliacci/Modugno; sung in Italian; pop) Dean Martin’s biggest hit.  Come on, sing along; you know the words!  Carla’s cajon solo is on fire.

  12. Bananeira (Gilberto/Mendes; sung in Spanish) Who could have known?  The banana tree can be sultry and seductive, as you can hear.

  13. Azucar de Caña (Escobar; sung in Spanish; Peruvian folk) Another song celebrating endless work and being able to see your love at the end of the day.