Catherine LeBlanc:

Vocal, Penny Whistle, Ukulele, and Percussion

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Catherine LeBlanc sings in seven languages: English, French (French and Senegalese dialects), Spanish, Portuguese, Maori, Italian, and Gaelic.  She and her husband Chris Sanborn operate Impulse Recording, where our first CD was recorded.

L'histoire de Catherine:


Catherine LeBlanc has been singing ever since she can remember, starting with Joan Baez ballads at her mother's knee, graduating to the tones of Ella Fitzgerald and Carmen McRae (while lying under the family's dining room table).  Thanks to Diane Patterson, she landed her first gig at the Blue Mango Cafe, learning three hours of material in two weeks, where she continued to play solo until it closed.  During that time, she met her husband in an a cappella doo wop band in Berkeley and competed several times in the national Harmony Sweepstakes.  After a year-long stint as the bass player in the band Xenophilia , she was invited to join the seminal Davis world-music group Akimbo as the lead singer and one of the songwriters.  Catherine stayed with Akimbo for three years, singing in multiple languages while dancing and playing various percussion instruments.  She and Phil left !Akimbo to start Yolo Mambo.  

Catherine has studied many instruments: tenor ‘ukulele, guitar, bagpipes, flute, saxophone, piano, and bass, but her first love is singing, which she finds exhilarating, creative, and fulfilling.  Yolo Mambo is also proud to present several of her original songs in our repertoire.


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