Phil Summers: Guitar and Vocal

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  Phil's journey to Yolo Mambo has been a "long and winding road". He started playing in public in 1965 in his homeland Wales. He played in several Welsh bands in the late 60's and got to meet bands that have now become legendary: Led Zeppelin, Ten Years After, Traffic, The Who, and the Mothers of Invention.

  While some of his former band-mates graduated to Van Morrison and Joe Cocker, Phil went to college but still played music.  A highlight of this period was performing for Alan Ginsberg and Peter Orlovski at a poetry reading in Newcastle. 


  In California, while a researcher at UC Davis he played Irish Music with "Whisky Before Breakfast" Latin Jazz with Rio Thing", jump blues with "Slaves of Rhythm", featuring the unforgettable Stevie Pion on RIPPIN' blues harp.  The World Music band "!Akimbo" followed with 4 CDs of original music with Yolo Mambo's Catherine LeBlanc on Vocals. Phil also worked with the acclaimed jazz sax player John Tchicai in "Domestic Improv".  He also plays bass for reggae band One Sharp Mind.


 Phil’s hypnotic montunos and elegant jazz, and Catherine's striking voice and catchy songs live on in YOLO MAMBO!


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